Thursday, June 24, 2010

turtles and books

Besides renting the car and exploring the island one day during our vacation, the rest of our days in Barbados were very much the same: breakfast at the hotel, beach time in the morning (including a daily swim out to see and snorkel among the turtles) and reading, pool in the afternoon and reading, and dinner.

One of Barbados's main attractions is snorkeling among the wild sea turtles, who just so conveniently nest right off our hotel's beach, which meant we didn't have to pay to go on a snorkeling cruise to see them. Brad and I simply checked out free snorkeling gear and life jackets from our hotel and swam the 100+ yards out to sea to meet up with the snorkeling parties.

I was a little nervous about this escapade at first, but the turtles are very friendly creatures and will come right up to you. Even though we did this activity five days of our vacation, I never quite got used to coming nose-to-nose with one underwater--I often screamed through my snorkel pipe!

Some of the turtles are quite large.

And some are small. Here's a picture of me touching the back of a baby turtle.

Had I planned better in advance, I would have thought to purchase an underwater disposable camera at Target, where they only cost $8 or so. Instead, we forked over $26 for one at our hotel's gift shop.

Most of the pictures didn't turn out well, but we did get a few cute ones. The picture above is one where I held out the camera. Why do those shots ALWAYS turn out to be the best?

I also read a lot on vacation. I finished almost four Sookie Stackhouse books. I say almost because I stepped off the plane in Miami, the connection on our way home, walked straight into the first bookstore I saw, bought The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, and began reading it immediately. (This book was released in the United States on June 5th, the day we returned home. And, it's available for free online until July 5th, but I had to buy it anyway to add to the rapidly growing Twilight shrine in my house. And, fellow Twihards, read it before you see Eclipse next week. Parts of the Eclipse movie are based on this novella.) I almost finished Bree Tanner on the flight home, but not quite. So I completed both of my "almost finished" books the next day, bringing the total number of books read during my week off work to five, which isn't bad.

It was so wonderful to have little to do but relax and read. Brad and I are now huge fans of do-nothing vacations.

This post concludes my series on Barbados. Stay tuned for my next bout of summer fun next week.


Caitlin said...

These pictures turned out great! They came in so close!

rebecca.d.winnett said...

I am in love with these turtles! I want to go to barbados now! thanks so much for sharing. Sounds like you all had a great vacation!

Organized Living by Amy said...

I'm still not a Twilight fan, but you've totally sold me on Barbados. I might copy-cat your vacation in the future.

Jennifer V said...

I hope there's a trip to Barbados in my near future too! It looks like you picked a fantastic vacation spot. And, I want to swim with those turtles. They look so majestic! Hmmm... wonder how quickly we can teach baby J to snorkel?

AmandaRose said...

So are the sookie stackhouse books really that good? Better than the show?