Thursday, June 10, 2010

pale and paler

It's kind of comical that Brad and I love beach vacations so much when neither one of us can be out in the scorching Caribbean sun for more than 30 minutes at a time (and this is when we're lathered up with sunscreen). We spend a lot of time hiding from that pulsing ball of fire that is in no way our friend.

We snorkeled almost every day. The sun was particularly vicious to us the first day and we both got a little red.

We got a spot of color the next day, or perhaps it's just our light clothing setting off our tans (or should I say burns).

And, after our final day in the sun, still not much progress in the tan department.

No one commented on our awesome color after we returned. A colleague of Brad's even had the nerve to ask Brad where his tan was when he learned that we'd spent a week in Barbados.

Did this guy not notice Brad's hair color? And his freckles? Brad has never had a tan in  his life. But I'm so thankful that he still loves vacations in the sun!

We would have issues if he didn't.

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AMRJ said...

Great pictures!!