Thursday, June 17, 2010

new planting beds

My parents visited last weekend. Because they are both so handy and they like to feel useful, I came up with a project for us to work on: beautifying the small patch of ground in front of our house in between the sidewalk and curb. Here's the BEFORE picture, taken in mid-April (so imagine the mess it had grown into two months later: completely choked with weeds!):

It took us nearly all day on Friday to complete the project (the soil was as hard as a rock and very difficult to work with), but I love how it turned out:

Projects like this make me realize how sedentary my normal work day is. My parents are used to manual labor, and this project barely phased either of them, but I was exhausted at the end of the day. Brad and I never could have done this on our own, and we were incredibly thankful for my parents' help. Plus, my mom brought almost all of the plants from her yard; I didn't have to buy much. AND, the plants are all perennials, so assuming they survive the 14-hour drive to DC and the transfer to a slightly different climate and soil type on a 90 degree day (not ideal), I won't have to replant the bed every year.

Here's a view of our front area, without the tree and with the new flower bed.

We had some wood left, so my dad made me another small bed and conveniently attached to my bed in the backyard that houses my peppers and chives so that Brad won't have to mow in between the two. Aren't I a considerate wife?

I filled the new bed with cantaloupe, watermelon, eggplant, and green pepper plants (basically, all that the store had left that I didn't already have). It may be too late in the season for these plants to amount to anything, but a girl can dream!


SusanL said...

The yard looks great! Now if you could only help us with ours, that would be wonderful :)

Katie said...

So nice! Everyone who walks down the street will appreciate that nice touch of beauty. It's really cool that your parents can help you out with these projects.

Caitlin said...

The flower box out front looks beautiful. What a great idea to brighten up that space!