Friday, June 4, 2010

the most beautiful blue

As I prepare to leave behind the beautiful blue Caribbean water, I have another blue, this one at home, on my mind.

The picture below is my dream: my next door neighbor Bea's mature, established, huge, loaded, perfect hydrangea bush with the most beautiful blue flowers I have ever seen.

Isn't the color of her flowers what any gardener dreams of? Her flowers are the perfect shade of blue--and not a hint of pink or purple. Here's a closer look.

While Bea's bush is my dream, here is my reality: brand new, tiny, not at all established, fragile, and still PINK (despite my efforts to add acid to the soil and turn the blooms blue).


Gardening is a great lesson in patience. I told Brad that we absolutely cannot move to a new house until my rose, peony, and hydrangea bushes establish themselves and bloom throughout the season. I'm not going anywhere until my hydrangeas produce blue flowers!

It's a good thing we love our house because we may be here for a while.

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Katie said...

Very good goals! As I walk home everyday I've been envying many rosebushes. I hope someday to have one or two of my you are ahead of me!