Tuesday, June 1, 2010

eight is great

Today I have an excuse to post my favorite picture from Brad's and my wedding, taken exactly eight years ago. (For the story behind the picture, reread last year's anniversary post.)

I continue to praise God for his blessing of marriage, and for the many ways that he's strengthened Brad's and my relationship this past year. I cannot imagine celebrating life's joys and enduring life's disappointments with anyone else.

In honor of our eight years of wedded bliss, allow me to share eight reasons why I love my sweet, smart redhead:
1. He knows that cupcakes instantly cure my surly moods
2. Brad does 100% of our laundry, and he knows which of my clothes need to hang dry better than I do.
3. He prays with me, and for me, every day.
4. He forgives my embarrassing breach of etiquette.
5. Brad chose to celebrate our seventh anniversary in extreme physical pain because I wanted to.
6. I admit I am persistent. And it always takes a while, but he eventually gives in.
7. Brad refuses to read my blog because of posts like this (one of my favorites, but not at all his taste), but still appreciates and encourages my love of writing.
8. Brad effortlessly handles all of the small things that stress. me. out.

Cheers to another year!


Susannah said...

Happy anniversary!

kerryandtorey said...

happy anniversary! hope you are enjoying your vacation!

Katie said...

Yeah! You are a wonderful couple and a good example to all of us!

Jen V. said...

Love it!

Happy anniversary!

Caitlin said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you guys are having a great trip. What an awesome picture!

SD Dad said...

Happy anniversary and may you have many more to enjoy and share with us...

Aimee @ Smiling Mama said...

Yay! Congratulations! What a great list!

SusanL said...

Happy anniversary!! LOVE the picture!