Wednesday, June 23, 2010

dining in the dark

Longtime readers know about my obsession with low lighting at restaurants, especially for date nights or special celebrations. I refuse to eat under a spotlight and I've been known to get up and leave if the restaurant's lighting blinds me. Well, let's just say that every future birthday dinner from now on should occur at a Barbados restaurant because almost all of them fit my preferences to a tee: dark (I'm talking no light at all except for a tiny votive candle on the table--perfect!) and intimate.

Barbados scores an A+ for restaurants with phenomenal views. From what I remember, Aruba had few restaurants with decent views, but pretty much the only option in Barbados is to dine while gazing at the sea!

To celebrate our anniversary, Brad and I chose the island's gem: The Cliff. The food was very good--not outstanding, especially for the prices--but good enough. However, the setting and overall ambiance were more than worth the visit.

The sun sets early in Barbados--by 6:30 p.m.--so we arrived just after 6 p.m. to have a drink in the lounge above the restaurant and enjoy the view. The covered deck wraps around the building and provides a panoramic view of the water.

As the sun went down, the torches came on. Look behind me.

It was as impressive as Survivor's Tribal Council set, but not nearly as cheesy. The picture below really doesn't do the setting justice: it was exquisite. The lounge is the second story of the building, and the restaurant covers the bottom level--we scored a perfect railing table with a full sea view (even though it was dark by then).

I don't have a good picture of our table, but we sat right over the water and could see stingrays swimming right beneath/in front of us (thanks to a large spotlight aimed at the water to both showcase and attract the creatures). Luckily though, the spotlight didn't shine on us, or we would have had a problem. Brad and I dined in the dark and enjoyed the the show in the sea. It was a lovely eighth anniversary celebration!

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