Thursday, June 10, 2010

a bit about barbados

Before last week, Brad's and my only Caribbean experience was our honeymoon to Aruba eight years ago. We loved Aruba. And we loved Barbados. But they are different islands in numerous ways.

Although we visited both islands during their low season, Barbados seemed much quieter than we remembered Aruba being. The beaches, pools, and restaurants in Barbados were virtual ghost towns, which we loved because we didn't have to fight for beach huts, pool chairs, or dinner reservations.

Prices were a little cheaper too, which is always a good thing.

Whereas Aruba boasts huge resorts, many of them in high-rise buildings, this is about as tall as they got in Barbados.

Our room was the one on the very top--more about our room in a future post, tentatively titled "downgrading to upgrade".

We stayed on the platinum coast, the west side of the island, where the Caribbean Sea gently laps the shore. There are few waves, no currents, bath-like water, and lots of sea turtles and coral. The majority of the hotels and restaurants are in this area.

It's pretty there.

I have never seen such calm saltwater in my life. Look, barely a ripple in the sea.

Although the coral invaded some of the swimming areas, it provided interesting scenery for snorkeling.

The southern tip of the island has more waves. Brad and I visited Surfer's Point.

The east coast is rocky, dangerous (because of strong currents--swimming isn't allowed there), natural, and deserted. It was beautiful!

My sweet model on the east coast . . . 

Barbadians drive on the wrong opposite side of the road. We rented a car one day and embarked on an adventure.

Thankfully, Brad took the wheel and not me. (He NEVER would have allowed me to drive in Barbados.) Brad was a fearless driver and did a great job, until we were almost back to the hotel and he drifted too close to the curb on the left side (while preparing to turn right ACROSS traffic) and we blew out a tire. Luckily, a nice policeman helped us change it. I giggled a few times when Brad attempted to turn on the blinker, but the windshield wipers came on instead. (Their cars are mirror images of ours--every gadget is on the opposite side.)

Stay tuned for more vacation posts!

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What beautiful pictures! Can't wait to hear more!