Friday, May 28, 2010

sookie and me

I'm all packed and ready to leave on our vacation tomorrow. I only have one problem: eleven books don't fit in my suitcase.

At times like this, a Nook or a Kindle would come in very handy.

But I don't know if I could sit on the beach or at the pool reading a book on a computer. It just wouldn't feel right. I won't have time to read all of these books anyway, and I need to make some tough choices. I am dying to begin The Southern Vampire Series. Sookie Stackhouse has been calling my name for months.

And regardless of how many of the books pictured above I take with me or finish, I'll give you one guess which book I plan to buy and begin reading the minute I step foot on U.S. soil on Saturday, June 5th, when we return home (and when, conveniently, the book comes out in the United States).

Any ideas?

Come on. You should know me by now.

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KtownP said...

I already pre-ordered it brom B&N...can't wait for it to come!