Monday, May 24, 2010

beach reading contest winner

I always appreciate book recommendations and I love to know what other people are reading. Thanks to everyone who entered my most recent contest. And congratulations to commenter #9, my friend Susan who lives in Nashville! Susan, you will receive your $25 gift certificate via email later today or tomorrow.

Several readers commented that they plan to reread Eclipse this summer, in anticipation of seeing the third movie of The Twilight Saga. Dear friends, have you no mercy? What are you doing to me? Now I am TEMPTED to read Eclipse again. I have no business rereading this book. I've already read it three times in the past year. I have at least 20 others books I'm trying to finish before the end of 2010. Stephenie even has a new Twilight-related book (albeit a very short one) coming out on June 5th, which should feed my addiction.

And yet, I'm tempted. So very tempted.

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