Thursday, April 22, 2010

upper deck

I neglected our second-story deck last summer.

We rarely ventured out there. Why would we? It wasn't exactly a welcoming environment.

But what a difference colorful petunias make!

Don't you just love petunias? Not as perky as dahlias, but equally as happy.

I love working at the computer in our home office--the room that leads to the deck--and then turning around and seeing the flowers right outside the door. These little gems beckon me. They tempt me to ditch my task at hand.

But what I love even more is seeing the back of our house from a distance . . .

. . . and the petunias peeping over the railing at me. I love that.


Lisa said...

Looks lovely! Have you ever tried Wave petunias? They create a really nice drape over the side of the container.

Dr. Blondie said...

Lisa, YES. I love Wave petunias. I think a couple of the containers I bought are of the Wave family.