Tuesday, April 6, 2010

one year at home

For more than six years, Brad and I took walks around Capitol Hill, admiring the historic homes, gazing longingly inside them, and dreaming about living in our beloved neighborhood forever. On those walks, I often said, "Speak up, little house! We know you're out there. We just need to know which one you are." 

Brad and I moved into our house one year ago today, which feels like just yesterday and years ago at the same time. Our little house was worth the wait. Even though we're still working on window treatments, art, furniture, rugs, landscaping, and minor repair projects, our house feels like home.

Happy anniversary, sweet little house! Thanks for speaking up!

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SusanL said...

WOW!!! How has it already been a year? I love seeing what you've done to your house. Keep showing us pictures, please!