Thursday, March 18, 2010

war and peace

After two months and two days, I finally finished War and Peace. Granted, I read several other books while I slogged through War and Peace, but with spring break this week, I decided to proceed full speed ahead to finish it.

Does finishing this tome officially make me a black-belt reader? Have I earned that title yet? I definitely consider finishing this book a life accomplishment, right up there with earning a Ph.D. and completing two marathons.

I applaud those who have read this book multiple times. While I loved the book, and loved the idea of reading it even more, I could not read it again. I found the fictional part of the story riveting: love, betrayal, death, parties, despair, debt, and high society life. All of those aspects were right up my alley. I reached a point where I just had to press on through the myriad characters and long, difficult, ever-changing Russian names. The historical details are both fascinating and overwhelming. The story read like a history book at times, with fictional accounts thrown in for entertainment. I enjoyed both the fictional and historical sections, but could have done without the philosophical soliloquies. Had I read this book as a scholar intending to study it, fine. But if, like me, you read for entertainment, the philosophical pontificating was just too much. Long books don't bother me; my obsession with The Twilight Saga has led me to read the 2,500+ page series three times. But War and Peace is not what I would consider light reading. It was only 1,388 pages, but each page was dense.

I'm so glad I read this book and I am proud to display it on the "completed" section of my bookshelf. But I'm also thrilled to be done and I have to admit that I'm ready to read some fluff. After I complete this month's book club selection, Percy Jackson, here I come!

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Sorry Sarah said...

congrats on completing War and Peace. Btw, my students swear by the Percy Jackson series so enjoy that and let me know if it's worth my time.