Monday, March 15, 2010

spring break

It's here. Finally. My job is not at all glamorous and I will never get rich working in higher education, but I enjoy an invaluable perk in mid-March each year: spring break. And I am lucky enough to work at a university that closes for part of the break, so the week is not just a vacation for students while the employees still work; everyone enjoys some time off.

It's blissful. And I can't imagine a better time of year for it.

No, I will not be lying on a beach somewhere like many of my students will be. I'll be at home working on several spring cleaning tasks: washing windows, scrubbing the tile in the bathroom, and cleaning out and washing every inch of the refrigerator. I also hope to blog, read, run, garden, and shop.

We'll see if I accomplish all that I hope to.

Happy spring break!

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Katie said...

Have a wonderful spring break! I'm so jealous (but I am taking 3 days off next week during MIT's spring break - so I have something to look forward to!)