Monday, September 7, 2009

striving for balance

Being a hermit this summer has produced several unexpected benefits. Brad and I have eaten dinner together almost every single night for the past three months. Now that all of my school-year commitments are back in full force, I'm already mourning the two or three dinners per week that we will most certainly NOT spend together until next summer.

My favorite benefit of hiding out all summer is the plethora of reading time that I have hoarded. Let me provide some context. This past January, I vowed to read 26 books in 2009. As of the end of May, I had only finished six books; I was embarrassingly behind on my reading goal for the year. But in June, July, and August, I finished 17 books (13 first-time reads, and four re-reads), bringing my running total for the year up to 23! I only need to read three more books in the next four months to meet my goal.

My running goal took priority in the spring, and reading has taken over the summer. I am confident that I will achieve my reading goal for the year. But I still have 150 miles to run to hit my goal of 720 miles for the year. Time to put away the books and pull out my running shoes.

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