Friday, September 11, 2009

my temporary wallet

Priority task for the weekend: buy a new wallet! This Ziploc bag is driving me crazy!
(NOTE: I used my office's camera to take this picture!)

Thank you so much for all of the sweet comments, emails, and other ways that you've checked in on us this week! Your good care means much more to us than we will ever be able to tell you. Seriously. THANK YOU.

Slowly but surely, Brad and I are recovering missing items each day. The kitchen window has yet to be fixed and the car still needs to be rekeyed (be forewarned that I may blog/vent about both of these frustrations next week), but I am now the proud holder of: a driver's license, a UMD staff ID, a UMD parking gate key, a Metro Smartrip card, a Safeway card, and a library card. Progess! Except for the metro card (which I don't use much... they were just surprisingly efficient at mailing me a replacement), you can tell where my priorities are. After my driver's license, my library card was the very next thing that I replaced.:)


Susannah said...

Is that a gucci wallet from the new Fall 2009 line? :)

Dr. Blondie said...

Ha! Yes! Maybe I'll stick with the plastic bag and start a new trend for the fall.:) I have gotten a few strange looks whenever I've pulled it out at stores.

-R. said...

Your stuff is at least more organized than mine. I tried to find my keys in my bag this afternoon, and it was a sorry sight.

I hope you and Brad are able to get everything replaced with as little headache as possible. If we can help with the security detail, loan you tools, whatever, please let us know!!