Tuesday, August 4, 2009

the shopping excursion of the year

To cover for a woman in my office who is out on maternity leave, I, along with my graduate assistant and student worker, recently made a trip to the grocery store to purchase nonperishable snacks for an overnight retreat for all incoming students in the program for which I work. The receipt, which you see next to me in the picture, was longer than I am tall (I'm 5'7", taller than average for a woman).

This trip required three people, two cars, and four shopping carts. By God's grace, we managed to only have to go through the check-out line once. (Years ago when this event used to be my responsibility, my friend Susannah and I had to make multiple trips through the check-out line... we'd both fill our carts, check out, load the car, and return to the store for another round. I begged Susannah not to quit on me after that first nightmare shopping trip! Lucky for me, she didn't. She even came back for more the next two years!)

On this most recent shopping trip, we spent $472.68. Keep in mind that we only purchased nonperishable snacks. Another trip will be made closer to the event to buy all of the perishable items.

What did we buy, you ask? More lemonade mix than you can imagine. 1200 cups. Enough packages of cookies to feed a small army. Hundreds of bottles of water and individually wrapped snacks that students can transport with them to service sites. S'mores supplies. One can of Red Bull.

Students who attend this retreat have no idea of the myriad small and large tasks involved in the planning and coordination of it!


Katie said...

WOW! Thank God you survived! And it's true, no one really knows how hard it is to pull "little" details like this together. I can't believe it was under $500. Aren't you glad you got your Ph.D. on days like that?

Dr. Blondie said...

Amen, sister. You've got that right. My Ph.D. comes in so handy for strategically planning these shopping excursions, and also for days when I spend making name tags and binders.:)

Susannah said...

I'm fairly certain that your shopping partner returned for 2 more years of the crazy grocery trip because she so enjoyed present company :)