Monday, August 31, 2009

humble beginnings

Although this day has filled me with an all-consuming dread for weeks now, the first day of school has finally arrived! And I will celebrate today by revisiting the day that my educational journey began thirty years ago.

A very young Dr. Blondie in the making, on the first day of kindergarten in August, 1979:

And here I am standing at the end of our lane, waiting for the school bus to pick me up, wearing a new dress that my mom made for me with my name tag proudly displayed (notice the corn, pasture, silos, red barn, gravel lane, and white farmhouse in the background... proof that I did indeed grow up on a farm):

I have pictures commemorating every single first day of school through my high school years. But the kindergarten photos are most precious. The formal educational journey concludes for all of us at some point, also a cause for celebration (as shown below), but the learning never ends. And that's my favorite part.

Happy first day of school to all!


Aimee @ Smiling Mama said...


You look fantastic in that doctoral velvet!!

Katie said...

Too cute! You made me think back on my first day of kindergarten too. Thanks for reminding me of good times.