Friday, August 7, 2009

he's so clever

For reasons that I will probably never know, Brad fell victim to spouse pressure and began reading the Twilight books about a month ago. Why he decided to read The Twilight Saga as opposed to the Harry Potter series (which I KNOW that he would enjoy so much more because he is definitely a plot and action lover and could care less about character development and romance) is beyond me. For years, I have BEGGED him to read the Harry Potter books, and to this day, he stubbornly refuses. But after I simply laid Twilight and the rest of the books in the series on his pillow after I finished reading them, to my shock, he picked them up and started reading. Was a pillow present the secret?! After he finishes Breaking Dawn, he may find another surprise on his pillow, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone! Brad already warned me that I'd better not pull that trick again.

However, I can't claim victory just yet. Brad repeatedly reminds me that he's doing me a favor by reading these books and that I'll owe him big when he finishes them. I've already graciously offered to read his book(s) of choice, but I have a feeling that my offer won't satisfy him. I fully expect to cook his favorite dinner many times over and assume some of his cleaning chores for a short period of time. Brad is scheming about something. I'm sure of it.

Although I suspect that he enjoys the books more than he lets on, he does his best to act otherwise. Brad, normally a speedster when it comes to books, read the first two so slowly that I nearly pulled my hair out. I told him that he had to be the slowest reader of Twilight in the world. He had the nerve to fall asleep after only reading a few pages of New Moon one Sunday afternoon. These books have kept me up well past my bedtime for weeks now; how on earth can one pass out while reading them? Knowing that I'm an Edward fan, he nettles me with comments about Jacob's redeeming qualities. And just this past Tuesday, he acted out by joining a Facebook group named "Husbands Annoyed by Twilight".

I know little about Facebook groups, I don't belong to many of them, but this group had me laughing hysterically for a good part of the evening. The group's home page features the picture of a lovely woman with an excited expression wearing a sweatshirt that says "Forks" and holding something in her hand, perhaps movie tickets. The group was created around the time that the first movie was released. Here is the description of the group:

"Husbands that are annoyed by the fact that their wives are obsessing over Edward and or Jacob! Boyfriends and other people annoyed are also encouraged to join!"

Some of the members have elected themselves to leadership positions such as Vampire Slayer, Werewolf Hater, and Officer of Book Burning Affairs. The wall posts crack me up; the men rip on Edward and try to outdo each other with their book burning threats. For being so vehemently opposed to the series, they certainly seem to know a lot about the characters and the story. Hmmm.....

These men are just jealous of Edward.

As for my darling husband, well, he's still reading the saga and is well into book three. Brad hasn't quit yet, as he normally does with books that he hates. That fact alone tells me all that I need to know.

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