Wednesday, August 5, 2009

contest: in honor of summer reading

I'm embarrassed to admit how few of the books that I've actually read are included on the "Top 100 best books" lists that I find occasionally and include links to on this blog. But I finally came across a list that suits my reading preferences: NPR Listeners' Top 100 Best Beach Reads Ever.

I don't listen to NPR, but I can certainly appreciate this book list, especially because it seems geared toward the arguably lowbrow tastes of readers like me.

Of the 100 books listed, I have read 34, and I have 20 others on my to-be-read (TBR) list.

What about you?

In order to:
a) celebrate the joy of reading
b) engage in one last bit of summer fun
c) distract myself from the inevitable start-of-school anticipation ...

... I am hosting a contest this week on my blog. To enter, please leave a comment and tell me how many books from the NPR list that you have read, and which book (from the list) you would most like to read.

This contest runs through 5 p.m. next Monday, August 10th. I'll select a winner using a random number generator. The winner will receive one free copy of the book of his or her choice.

Happy reading!


Susannah said...

I've read 35. Apparently you and I are very similar readers :)

I guess I'd most like to read the Harry Potter and Twilight series (or at least they're the ones that currently appear on my list of "to read.")

Organized Living by Amy said...

I've read 26. I think I'll eventually read Twilight. Although I might try The Road...again (never finished).

VA said...

I am really impressed with this list. I have read 48 and have 5 others on this list on my list. I really want to read Poisonwood Bible and Like Water for Elephants.

Sorry Sarah said...

I'm a slacker, but I do love this list! So fun! I have read 23. I am most interested in reading No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency.

Smiling Mama said...

Looks like I'm the slacker amongst your readers! I've read 25 of the books. Very hard to choose which one I'd most like to read. Perhaps Gone with the Wind, I've always loved the movie.

Amy Hill said...

I wish I had seen this sooner! I have read 50 of these so far! Fun ones!

Susannah said...

Did you notice there isn't a number 75 on this list, but rather two of number 74! I'm going to imagine that the compiler had a superstition about the number 75 rather than it just being a typo. :)

Dr. Blondie said...

There was a tie, I think (it's noted at the end of the second entry for #74). There are also two books claiming 81st place!