Thursday, August 27, 2009

bring your own basil

When did Cosi turn all fancy? I arrived at the Courthouse Cosi for book club one evening earlier this week and was halted at the door by a "please wait to be seated" sign. The host then asked me if I had called ahead to reserve a table (which of course, I hadn't done, but the restaurant was empty so acquiring a table for five was no problem).

Then, noticing that my arms were full of two large herb bouquets that I brought to give away to friends who responded to my ad on this blog for free herbs, the host asked, "Are you bringing those inside?"

Um, yes. What do you think that I'm going to do with them?

But I hastily replied, "I just need to give them to a couple of friends." I think that subconsciously, I suspected that he was accusing me of bringing my own home-grown basil to put on my T.B.M. (tomato, basil, mozzarella) sandwich. Please. I'm not that much of an herb snob. And believe me, I ordered nothing with basil on it. I get more than my fill of basil at home.

The menu was exactly the same as I remembered it. But Cosi has upped the service, and I do have to admit that after the initial interrogation at the door, it was lovely.

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