Monday, August 3, 2009

august dread

Exactly one year ago today, Brad and I arrived in Capri to begin our three-week European adventure. That vacation exempted me from my least favorite period of work during the year: the season of August dread. I completely missed it last year and when I came back to work, things were nearly in full swing for the beginning of the semester. I wish that I could do it that way again.

Four weeks from today, classes begin. Exactly one month from today, I will teach my first class of the fall semester. And it will be fine, even good, once it all begins. Teaching a large class of over 135 students makes my semester fly by. It will truly be over before I know it. But this period of anticipation nearly drives me crazy every single year.

Of course, I'm busy with last-minute preparations, but the majority of my course planning is finished. I'm following up on students' questions and registration issues, and of course, trying to stay two steps ahead of my young scholars and their inevitable moaning and complaining about anything and everything. I'd love to tell you that I have 135 little darlings in class, but anyone who works with college students knows that the sophomore slump can be tough, on students AND the faculty and staff who advise them.

Even though right now my heart feels heavier than normal and I have a growing knot of dread in my stomach, I know that on August 31st, I'll experience that childlike first-day-of-school excitement all over again. Because it's a new semester. A fresh start. And once it begins, it will be just fine. But until then, I'll try my best not to think about it.


Susannah said...

This is how I feel EXACTLY. Derek wished me a happy August on Saturday and I growled. But, like you, I know that once I'm in it, I'll enjoy it. I feel particularly bad because his birthday is in August, so I need to be somewhat upbeat!

Smiling Mama said...

Maybe you need to plan an early August vacation every year...even if it can't be Italy every year!!

Katie said...

I'm right there with you...feeling nervous and trying so hard not to procrastinate!

Sorry Sarah said...

I can relate!