Monday, July 13, 2009

silky smooth

What is it about hair, either in abundance or dearth, that inspires humility?

Whether you fight a constant battle with a receding hairline or you should buy stock in the latest waxing products, or both, I suspect that most people have hair issues at some point in life.

Consider my trip to the salon last week. I decided that it was time for my semi-regular eyebrow and lip waxing appointment. As a very fair-skinned blonde, I consider myself lucky that I don't have to wax my face as regularly as many of my brunette friends do. Although my minimal facial hair is very light in color, I still fear looking or feeling fuzzy, so I prioritize professional removal every few months and then I meticulously maintain my facial landscape by plucking, trimming, and tweezing in between appointments. Let me assure you that I am diligent about this maintenance. And, even if I slacked off in my personal grooming habits, I know that Brad would be the first to tell me the minute I sprouted anything close to a 'stache.

Imagine my shock and horror when the waxer attacked my entire face. TWICE. It was as if my face had sprouted a forest and he deemed it his personal responsibility to remove every single sign of growth. I don't understand how I have eyebrows left at all. He slapped piping hot wax in huge quantities all over my face. Although I asked him to focus only on my eyebrows and upper lip, he slathered wax around my entire mouth and spread it out towards my cheeks, where hair is nonexistent. TWICE. And then he went to town with a tiny set of tweezers after he nearly waxed me to death. He plucked every little hair that he could find. Although this procedure normally takes less than five minutes, this man spent at least 20 minutes working on my face.

Perhaps this man is a new employee and I was his very first waxing appointment. Or maybe my facial hair really was that bad.

I didn't know whether to feel insulted (I KNOW that I did not have anything close to a moustache) or grateful (he DID work so hard on me and used twice as much wax as he should have).

I erred on the side of feeling grateful. I gave him a larger-than-normal tip and left the salon enamored with the feel of my silky smooth face. Maybe I won't wait so long until my next appointment.

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