Thursday, July 16, 2009

a runner's rite of passage

Although he already declared his retirement from marathon running, Brad leaped into the serious runner category two days ago: he lost his first toenail on Tuesday night.

Before I go on, please know that losing a toenail from running is NOT painful and it is a common occurrence for people who run long distances. It sounds much worse than it really is (from what I know from others). My friend and running inspiration, Susannah, first introduced me to this phenomenon years ago. I've known many people who have lost toenails from running only half marathons. So after completing two marathons, I wonder why I haven't had this experience yet.

Brad and I both developed a couple of funky toenails during marathon training, but while one of his continued to loosen after the race, and finally fell off two days ago, my nails are still firmly attached.

I must not be pushing myself hard enough.


Katie said...

Keep your are working hard enough!

Susannah said...

Thanks for the shout out! Your "Susannah" references make my day every time:) I agree, you're working plenty. It means you have strong nails, not a weak routine.

Rachel said...

Well I would not put myself into the serious runner category... but I injured my toenail right before the Cherry Blossom race and it just released itself this week!