Tuesday, July 28, 2009

my summer scent

I smell lovely these days. My signature scent has taken a backseat to more practical needs this summer. Because the mosquitoes in our backyard are every bit as aggressive as the squirrels, I spray insect repellent liberally the minute I step onto our deck, no matter the time of day or my purpose for venturing outside. Even running out to the herb garden for a few minutes to harvest some tasty morsels for dinner usually results in at least two or three new welts if I fail to take precautionary measures.

Between the two of us, Brad and I have emptied three large cans of OFF! so far this summer. In the over six years that I lived at our old apartment, I only used half of one can. We never experienced mosquito problems on the rooftop deck. It may have been too high in the air for them.

Now that we have a table and chairs on our deck, we eat almost every single meal out there, which means that we smell like OFF! all day and night. I am pleasantly surprised, though, by how much better it smells than it used to. Or maybe I've just become more accustomed to it this summer.


Katie said...

Have you heard about the clip-on bug repellents? Any reviews from others about them? I wonder if that might be a good option for you guys?

Dr. Blondie said...

Hi Katie! You know, I just recently saw those! But no, I haven't tried them yet. I need to.