Monday, July 27, 2009

highlights of staycation

I enjoyed a staycation last week, and am happy to report the following accomplishments and activities:
  • I finished four, yes FOUR, painting projects at home. I spackled and touched up paint in the dining room, staircase walls and upstairs hallway, and the banister. I painted the risers on the stairs leading to the second floor and the adjoining trim (what a pain... so thankful to mark that task off of the list).
  • I ran 10 miles one morning in the heat, my longest run since the marathon, and overall I ran 27 miles over four days.
  • I chose and ordered a leather storage ottoman for the living room.
  • I sold our faded red couch and chair and received our new living room furniture. And we had a glass storm door installed in the front to allow more light into the living room when we're home. Hooray! I will post pictures as soon as I can find one more piece of furniture for the living room.
  • I cleaned, gardened, and cooked.
  • I took a friend to Proof for lunch to celebrate her birthday. Fun restaurant!
  • I read the entire Twilight Saga for the second time (well, I'm almost finished with book four again). Once wasn't enough for me; my addiction still runs strong and I find myself savoring the books more the second time around. I told Brad that when we take a vacation to the Pacific Northwest someday, we WILL visit Forks! (He rolled his eyes...)
  • I ventured to the pool one day, but only enjoyed 30 minutes of relaxation until the skies opened up and it stormed the rest of the day.
The only major project that I didn't get to was to practice sewing and to finish the accent pillows that I am making for our bed. I inherited a sewing machine (circa 1983) from Mama Millie, and my mom taught me how to use it when she visited in June. I am practicing the basics by making pillows, but I hope to be able to make my own draperies soon. I really abhor the living and dining room curtains that the former owners left for us, although for privacy reasons, I'm thankful to not have naked windows on the first floor.

While I do enjoy traveling, I really appreciate and love my increasingly more regular staycations. In fact, I think that I could use another one, very soon.


Smiling Mama said...

How fun! Can't wait to see pics of all those great changes you've made!

Katie said...

I agree with you...the older I get or maybe the more invested I get with my living space. The more I like to stay home and work on projects...sounds like you had a productive but fun vacation. Good work!