Friday, July 31, 2009

garden success

I may be a complete failure when it comes to growing tomatoes, but I am still enjoying my garden and yard. Here are a few pictures of my recent doings:

Peppers: About a month ago, the squirrels harvested my only three (at the time) nicely sized bell peppers and engaged in a game of kickball with them around the yard before they decided to gnaw them to death. I recovered two of the peppers, in opposite corners of the yard, looking bruised and battered with little tooth marks all over them. I never found the third pepper. But, the pepper plants have fought back. Now, both bell pepper plants, as well as the jalepeno plant in the container, boast beautiful peppers. I feel hopeful this time. But I know making my optimism public guarantees that I'll get home tonight to find all of the peppers either eaten or missing. I dare the squirrels to mess with the jalepeno peppers. They might just get what they deserve after all!

Herbs: Yes, growing herbs is definitely my strength. I adore my crazy little overgrown herb garden. I cook with fresh herbs every single day. DC Readers: you are welcome to come over at any time and pick as many herbs as you'd like. I'd love to share.

Hanging baskets: I took down the lanterns (pictured in a previous post) and opted for hanging baskets during the summer. I love, love, LOVE them. I get excited when I gaze out the kitchen window or door and see baskets of flowers. And the squirrels and birds haven't bothered them yet (again, I hope that I'm not jinxing myself).

Deck furniture: I mentioned in a recent post that Brad and I eat every meal outside now. I found this great little dining set at Lowe's for a ridiculously cheap price. It's cute and it fits in the small space perfectly! And the table even has a little shelf underneath, perfect for a plant (which you can see that I took advantage of)! I hope to sew seat cushions for the chairs eventually.


Organized Living by Amy said...

Very cute...I love the wild and full herb garden.

Katie said...

Very might inspire me to try peppers in my community garden next year.