Friday, July 10, 2009

books win every single time

Gentle readers, I must query you:

Have you ever read a book, then watched the movie (or vice versa) and preferred the movie more than the book?

If so, please comment and tell me which book you liked better as a movie.

You see, movies have never done it for me. And I don't think that they ever will. Growing up in the middle of nowhere fostered my overactive imagination and movies simply never live up to the visions that live in my head while I read.

Because I know my own biases, I didn't expect to like the movie Twilight more than the books. But I feel too kind when I say that this movie is an absolute disgrace to Stephenie Meyer's creation. The actress that plays Bella is cold, awkward, uptight, and not very likable, completely unlike the Bella in the book. And some of my favorite lines and scenes from the book are either nonexistent or completely taken out of context so that they don't make sense in the movie. Viewers are also not privy to as many thoughts and feelings in the movie, so the relationship between Edward and Bella seems forced and very random. Sadly, the romance is completely missing.

Sigh. On second thought, I may stay at home in November when the second movie comes out. My time would be better spent rereading book two instead of watching it on screen.

I will say that Robert Pattinson is kind of a cutie:).

Bottom line: Please do not let the Twilight movie turn you off from the books. I promise that the books are worth your time, so much so that I may read the series again as soon as I can slog through Cokie's book.

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Aimee Olivo said...

I saw the movie first and having see it almost ruined the first book for me. But, I also could see the potential in the books based on how much people I knew loved the books hated the movie (make sense?) which is why I even started the first book, so I can't hate it too much!