Wednesday, June 10, 2009

where we live

Welcome to Hotel Blondie. Won't you please come in?

Please ignore the red pink couch, chair, and small ottoman. Unfortunately, they are casualties of the wonderful, but wicked, skylights in our old apartment. We finally broke down and ordered new living furniture, which is scheduled to arrive on July 22nd. We are eagerly anticipating our new chocolate brown sleeper sofa, chair and ottoman, and accent chair, all of which will hopefully look much nicer than our current furniture and will fill the space much better. We are still shopping for a small accent chair to place in the bay window where the smaller plant is and for a leather storage ottoman to serve as a coffee table.

The curtains have GOT to go. The sellers left them for us, which I appreciate because with our large window only ten feet from the sidewalk, we need our privacy at night. But the curtains are not my taste and are too short (from what I've learned in my curtain research). To add some color to the room (which we will need once the chocolate brown furniture arrives), I envision deep red curtains, similar to the color of our lamp shades, which will complement the colors in the area rug. Brad may mount our his TV on a swivel arm at some point, but he's still deciding about that. Fern seems to be adjusting to less light quite well. I believe that she's even grown since we moved her in because her leaves now graze the ten-foot-tall ceiling (she was only two feet tall when she came to live with us when we got married seven years ago... she's evidently had a good life with us thus far!).

Brad and I painted the room harvest brown, in an eggshell finish. The wall colors used to be a pretty blue color. I like the eggshell finish, but I wish that I knew how much I would grow to love the flat finish (this was the first room that we painted). The picture below provides a sneak peek of the dining room, the subject of tomorrow's post. Although a bit unusual, we love the accent window above the chair that overlooks the staircase to the second floor.

Living Room to-do list:
  • New furniture - yay!
  • Shop for a small accent chair for the bay window
  • Shop for a leather ottoman
  • Find a place for the wooden bench that we've used as a coffee table for years
  • Mount the TV? (this is Brad's job)
  • New curtains!
  • Wall decor!
  • Prune Fern
  • Add a few more plants
  • Install a glass storm door outside of our front door so that we can leave the front door open when we're home and enjoy more natural light in the room.

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Organized Living by Amy said...

I would definitely recommend our leather ottoman/bench.

Just keep checking Costco to see when they have the promotion.