Thursday, June 11, 2009

where we dine

Gentle Reader, please be my guest for dinner.

We did NOT repaint this room. I love the deep red hue on top of the white wainscoting. We do, however, need to fill in the nail holes and touch up the paint.

The open doorway leads to the kitchen. As we learned, the brown accent wall in the kitchen turned out to be crucial, because it's visible from the dining and living rooms.

The curtain on the dining room window is atrocious. Do you think that a nice, white Roman shade would work for this window or do I need something fancier? The space outside of the window frame is very tight.

I wonder why someone, at some point, got rid of the fireplace by installing a wall in its opening. Brad and I may rip out the partition and installing a vent-free gas fireplace. Not quite the same thing, but we could still enjoy a fire on cold, winter evenings, and it would probably look much nicer.

In the picture below, the yellow area is the entry to the second-floor staircase. While this set-up may seem a bit strange, this is one of Brad's and my favorite features of the house. In most Capitol Hill homes, a staircase greets you upon entering the front door of the house. Having the staircase wrap around and empty into the dining room not only provides more usable space in the living room, we think that it just looks nicer when you enter the house.

My favorite piece of furniture in the dining set is the chest against the wall (see the photo below). It provides a great deal of storage, and the top folds out to create a buffet.

We searched high and low for a dining room set that was formal, but simple, not too bulky/heavy, and ideal for small spaces. Below you will see a better picture of the cherry china cabinet, table, and chairs. As you've probably noticed by now, I do love the dark woods! With the leaf, we can seat eight people, but we normally leave the table set up for six. Unlike most people, we are getting great use out of our formal dining set. It's our only eating space in the house, so we use it every single day! While it feels a bit odd sit at the table and chow down on pizza or nachos while wearing my yoga pants and a t-shirt, I love that we're forced to use this set so much.

Dining Room to-do list:
  • Spackle the nail holes and touch up paint
  • New window treatment
  • Wall decor
  • Possibly install a vent-free gas fireplace? (this is a down-the-road project)
  • Find a place to store our two extra chairs... do you think that they would hold up okay in the basement?
We have now concluded the Blondie house tour. The only area I haven't shown you is the basement, but just picture a space the size of the first floor that is unfinished, houses our washer and dryer, and all of our Christmas decorations (among other things). We're grateful for the storage space!

Over the coming months and years, I'll post more pictures once I finalize the furniture, window treatments, and wall decor. Thanks for your interest and encouraging comments. I've realized that I prefer to spend my time working in the yard, so settling into the house has fallen a bit behind. I appreciate any and all decorating suggestions!


Katie said...

So Lovely! I think a simple Roman Shade would look elegant and something grander might be too fussy...But I'm not sure. I look forward to hearing other opinions and seeing the final outcome.

Robyn (Amy's sister) said...

I just wanted to say that I have loved looking at the pictures of your new house. It's beautiful! I especially like the not-quite-orange room (gotta love orange being a Clemson graduate).

Organized Living by Amy said...

You know I'm a fan of the roman shades, but I would recommend a shade in a fancy fabric. I'm thinking something somethings with reds and golds would look nice. I know from experience it's hard to find roman shades with any pattern, but if it's something you want- get it custom made. It's worth it.

(Nice shout-out Rob!)

Dr. Blondie said...

Thanks Ladies! I like the Roman shades too (although, I guess that I've never had one!) and Amy, great idea about getting one made in a fancier fabric. Love it. Robyn, thanks for reading and for the comment (I don't have your email address, so hopefully you'll see this!).