Tuesday, June 23, 2009

a temptation

I have 48 pages to go in Twilight, and if I didn't have a panel presentation this morning at work, I really think that I would have been tempted to call in sick to stay home and finish the book. Myriad chores, errands, and a social engagement or two precluded me from reading much over the weekend, but I picked up the book again late last night after our company left and I wanted to stay up to finish it, but Brad, ever the responsible one, made me go to bed as it was already after midnight.

It's not that I think that Stephenie Meyer is a brilliant writer or anything. But the characters are lovable (a requirement for me to fall in love with a book), the storyline compelling, and the plot suspenseful. Plus, like my friend, I'm a real sucker for a good romance, which is probably why I'm even more addicted to the Twilight series than to the Harry Potter books, even though I believe that J. K. Rowling's creativity and writing skills easily trump those of Stephenie Meyer.

My mind is already plotting how I can sneak in a few pages of reading at work today. Maybe I'll leave for my panel presentation a bit early or take a lunch break. I usually strive to set a good example for my staff. But I'm really struggling today. I just want to blow everything off and read.

I need to accept the fact that most of my house projects, regular chores, sleep, and heck, at moments even my real job (!) may just have to fall by the wayside until I finish all four books in the series. It's not often that I read a book that keeps me up at night instead of lulling me to sleep within ten minutes of crawling into bed, but when I do, it's such bliss!


Smiling Mama said...

Girl, I am SO with you. I stayed up late to finish #2 last night. I'm picking up 3 and 4 from a neighbor tonight (she doesn't know that yet but I can. not. wait!)

Megan said...

Okay - yes I too loved Twilight...haven't read the others...but now I think I HAVE to!

wee said...

YES! i avoided it for a very long time and read all 4 during winter break. it is great!