Monday, June 1, 2009

swept away

Seven years ago today, Brad and I jumped off of a cliff, but at least we jumped together, and so far at least, we've lived to tell about it. My crystal-clear memories of the day itself are so incredibly vivid that in many ways, our wedding day feels like it happened last weekend. But then, I remember very little of what my life was like before marriage, so in that regard, sometimes I feel like Brad and I have been together always.

I consider being married my most wonderful privilege in life. The Lord has blessed me, and Brad, in myriad ways. One of the blessings that I am most thankful for is my husband, and our marriage. Growing up observing my parents' marriage, what most would consider rocky even on its best days, instilled in me a semi-paralyzing fear of relationships, marriage, and family. While deep down, I knew that I wanted those things, I felt terrified that I could never make a marriage or family work well. That I didn't know how to. That I would never find the right person and that if I did, he wouldn't understand my upbringing or my concerns or he would be scared away by my family issues.

But I was wrong. The Lord knew his plan for me, and for Brad, and I see evidence of God's work in our marriage daily. That's not to say that Brad and I get along perfectly every minute of every day. We are both sinful, selfish, flawed human beings. Sure, we have our hiccups like every other couple. But overall, our marriage has far exceeded my expectations. I never knew that marriage could be so fulfilling or joyous or fun. I feel incredibly grateful for every single day that Brad and I have together.

I'll conclude this post with the story behind the picture above. After the ceremony, we had a few pictures taken in front of the Illinois State Capitol, located just down the street from the church in Springfield, Illinois, where we were married. A strong wind caught hold of my cathedral-length veil, lifted it straight up into the air, and nearly ripped it from my head. Great-Aunt Mary captured this moment with a Kodak disposable camera. She was the only one to get this picture (our photographer missed it!), and it's my absolute favorite. This photo illustrates the joy, surprise, and excitement of the moment, and serves as a spectacular preview of the years of bliss to follow.

Happy seventh anniversary, Sweetheart. May we never spend another anniversary recovering from a marathon!


Smiling Mama said...

I love that picture! What a beautiful post. Congratulations on your anniversary and the marathon!!

Susannah said...

Happy anniversary!

Katie said...

So two are really a wonderful couple and a great example to all couples as to how to be true partners in life and love. Yeah!!!