Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the enemy attacks

My first enemy has grown too brave. One day last week before work, Brad escaped to our deck to eat his cereal and spied a squirrel sitting in one of my flower pots on the deck. Apparently, the squirrel was innocent at the time... he just sat there... but Brad still shooed him away. I came home from work that night and realized that the pot where the culprit was spotted earlier used to house three petunia plants, but I only found two and a gaping hole with a thin strand of root from the kidnapped plant waving in the breeze.

Usually the squirrels will dig up my plants and leave them there to taunt me. I searched the yard, but my petunia plant was nowhere to be found. The thief!

Over the weekend, I had not one, but two squirrels land right in front of me while I sat on the deck. I found the way that they faced me directly and stared me in the eye for quite a few seconds quite unnerving.

They're up to something.

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