Monday, June 29, 2009

Eastern Market reopens

After nearly two years in a temporary facility after a fire devastated the historical building that housed Eastern Market, the market has officially reopened in its original building--hooray!

The renovations are classy and beautiful. Those leading the effort strove to make the inside look unchanged, while adding modern amenities such as air conditioning and new lights. The entire facility looks light, airy, and clean. I was delighted to see the old, scary bathroom located up a narrow, creaky staircase replaced with normal restrooms on the main floor. All the indoor vendors are back in their original spots. Yes, Eastern Market vendors and Hill residents gladly accepted air conditioning, but resisted any major aesthetic changes that could possibly diminish the venue's charming, locked-in-time atmosphere.

Patrons will certainly buy more in a clean-looking, beautiful building, which should help the indoor vendors recover some of their losses these past two years.

Have you checked out the renovations? What do you think?

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Smiling Mama said...

We can't wait to get over there!