Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a temporary fix

Beautifying the yard is just as, if not more, important to me as finalizing all of the rooms in the house. And the yard has been my biggest distraction lately from unpacking the last boxes, deciding furniture, browsing wall decor options, and educating myself about curtains. Below you will find two pictures of my "temporary" solution to the front yard. I say temporary because I have a grand vision of a pruned maple tree (to allow more sunlight on the yard), huge, bright tulips, additional mulch, and possibly a hydrangea or peony bush. But, until then, I will make do with snapdragons planted in urns that match the color of the house's trim and impatiens that supposedly thrive in shade.

I fear that I may have to replace the snapdragons with another flower as snapdragons evidently need more sunlight than they receive in this location. Here is a better picture of the impatiens that line the fence and sidewalk. They should spread and grow, so I hope that the front yard will burst with color very soon. I'm really into color.

Brad and I need to repair the sidewalk and a portion of its brick border, but those tasks are long-term projects. I have no idea what the three other plants/bushes are (they were already there when we moved in), but I have decided to keep them until I can implement my grand vision. The back yard is probably ten times the size of the front yard. I've been working hard there, too. I will post pictures of the back yard soon!

Working in the front yard is a great way to become better acquainted with the neighbors. I've also learned that I would much rather be outside gardening than inside decorating. Will someone please come over and finish the furniture, curtains, and wall decor for me? I've got the yard covered.

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Jennifer said...

I never knew how much I would love yardwork until I became a homeowner. I even love pulling weeds. It's good for stress relief! It is, however, easier to love it in our current weather than in 90-degree, 100-percent humidity, mosquitoes everywhere July.