Wednesday, May 6, 2009

speaking of pink

Our new block hosts a slightly more eclectic crowd than our old block's collection of politicians, doctors, and lawyers. Plenty of young couples and families, just like us, snatched up these renovated historic homes with hope that they will turn into great investments if when the H Street revitalization efforts succeed. Several multi-generational families, who have owned their homes for decades and have not been bought out yet, are still sprinkled throughout the block. Brad and I have two such families living on either side of our house. We've made friends with both of families, and I love hearing their stories about the development of the block and the neighborhood over the years. My favorite neighbor thus far, Bea, serves as the block's watch dog. I believe that she knows every single thing that happens on the block while she is at home. She's friendly with all of the police in our district, and she calls them the instant she senses anything unusual. I am actually quite thankful to live next door to someone who I know will watch out for us and our home. I respect and appreciate anyone who runs a tight ship.

And only four doors down from us reside the Code Pink people and their Pepto-Bismol pink mobile. If you are not familiar with this very vocal, anti-war group (I wasn't really), they not only drive the pink mobile, but they dress in pink most of the time. From my trusty perch behind my living room curtain, I've only seen the man (husband? ... not sure) clad in hot pink tennis shoes, a hot pink sweatshirt, and pink pants, never "normal" clothes. Brad and I joked that our home's sellers lucked out when the pink van was nowhere to be seen during their open house in February, when we first fell in love with the house. We didn't spot the van until soon after our contract on the house had been accepted. It figures. Actually, the van is gone much of the time. But the owners did leave it parked directly in front of our house for an entire weekend recently.

We have yet to meet the Code Pink folks, but I'm sure that they are nice people. When we do finally cross paths, let me assure you that we will not be talking politics, but we may have to chat about the parking location of this pink van.


Smiling Mama said...

Love it! Our neighbor across the street is just like your neighbor. It definitely does give a peace of mind to know she's keeping an eye out. But she's also harassed our visitors and called the police which was quite frustrating!

Organized Living by Amy said...

I'm sensing a theme. We have the same thing in our "up and coming" neighborhood. Lots of active neighbors and a look-out!