Monday, May 4, 2009

overcoming the green monster

When I posted pictures of my new kitchen last week, I didn't have time to share the story behind the paint job. To ensure that Brad receives his due credit, especially because he normally defers to me on most decorating and paint color choices, let it be known that he saved the kitchen.

Never having painted before, we were both overly optimistic about how much time and effort painting even one room takes. We started working on the kitchen on a Friday evening and only had time to paint one coat that night. When I purchased the paint, the sales rep warned me that the pesto green that I chose would initially look very light and bright, but that the color would tone down with additional coats. Wow, she wasn't kidding. As we plodded through that first coat, I kept trying to reassure both of us that the highlighter-like hue on the walls would turn into the color that I desired eventually. Not thinking about how the color would look from adjacent rooms, I naively slathered green paint on the largest wall in the kitchen (the now brown wall) that is clearly visible from the dining room and from parts of the living room. Brad and I nervously joked and called it the "green monster" all evening. I believed that the paint color would improve with additional coats, but I worried about such a bold color being visible from other rooms in the house.

After the green monster ruled my dreams all night long and I woke up a nervous wreck, Brad persuaded me to run a bunch of errands while he tackled the second coat. Luckily, the color looked MUCH better with a second (and even a third) coat. When I returned from running errands, Brad had painted a second coat on all of the walls except for the large one. And, while I was gone, he came up with a brilliant idea: paint the green monster a more neutral color, something a bit easier on the eyes from the other rooms of the house and a shade that would help transition from an already bold-colored dining room.

I remembered that we had plenty of living room paint left and the harvest brown color was just what we needed. I went to work immediately with the brown while Brad finished the green, and a lively kitchen was born. I love how it turned out. And I have my smart husband to thank for it.

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Smiling Mama said...

Too funny!! Good thing Brad's not a Red Sox fan or you may have had to stick with the Green Monster!!