Thursday, May 28, 2009

orchids and bathrooms

Today, I bring you pictures of both bathrooms and my new-found plant love: orchids!

First, here are pictures of the one full bathroom that we have, which is located on the second floor. Had I redecorated myself, I probably wouldn't have chosen the bathroom's color scheme or tile, but it's completely acceptable to Brad and me for now. We are not yearning to invest the time and expense in ripping out and installing tile or trying to repaint the dark green trim. We love the plentiful storage space in the medicine cabinet, wall unit, and sink vanity. Our hallway linen closet sits rather empty because we can store so many of the bathroom essentials in the bathroom itself.

Notice my teeny, tiny plants on the windowsill - love them! I have also decided to try my hand at growing orchids. I placed a small orchid on the lid of the toilet tank. On sunny days (unlike the day I took this photo), light streams in through the window in the mornings. Hopefully it will be enough to keep the orchid alive. Our window is naked right now, and while this may sound strange, I like it and plan to keep it that way. Yep, no blinds in this bathroom! The view from the window is our neighbor's beautiful red brick house, no more than three feet away. Our neighbor has no windows on that side of her house, and unless someone hangs his or her fanny OUTSIDE of our bathroom window, it's impossible for anyone to see anything in our bathroom.

I decorated in browns. I may buy some dark green towels, though, to help tie everything together.

The only thing that we have left to do in the full bathroom is to hang a picture above the towel rack.

Here is a picture of the half bathroom, located on the first floor, right off of the kitchen.

We plan to paint it a color named "vineyard", and to hang art on the walls. I placed my one extra carpet square from the kitchen here, and it works perfectly as a one-square rug in front of the sleek pedestal sink. It's the perfect size.

I know that you've already seen the kitchen, but here is a picture of the orchid that will live on the kitchen windowsill.

Let's hope that I can keep it alive!


Katie said...

So nice. My dad has been growing orchids for years...he recently told me that the best thing to do with orchids is very little. Water only once a week and give it lots of sun. But otherwise don't fuss with it too much. Maybe you won't have to water the bathroom one at all because of all the steam from the shower????

Smiling Mama said...

Good luck! I look forward to your orchid tips in a few months! :)

TitansFan said...

Orchids simple and elegant. I gotta find something like that for my Bathroom Vanity. Ideas are welcome.