Tuesday, May 26, 2009

not orange, but close

I had high hopes of posting pictures of all of the rooms in the house as they were completed. But getting settled is taking much longer than I had anticipated. So I am going to post "round 1" shots of each room, along with a list of pending tasks for each space. I'll post additional photos in several months (or years!), after I add the finishing touches to each room.

Today's highlight includes our third bedroom, or in its current state, the office.

Brad painted this room all by himself (thanks Sweetie!). After I admired my friend Summer's kitchen, we chose her paint color, appropriately named "Rust" by Benjamin Moore in a flat finish (this was the first room that we painted with a flat finish... I love, love, love the color and the finish. I wish that I would have painted the kitchen with a flat finish, but I know that Brad will kill me if I dare to suggest that we repaint the green areas now. We hope to never have to try to cover up that green. It will be a monster to repaint. I feel sorry for the next owners of our house!).

This room receives wonderful light from a window on the left and a door with a window. The door leads to our second deck. A fairly large closet is located to the right of the picture (where the wall juts out). This room is actually more spacious than it looks in the picture. It can fit a double bed and could serve as a bedroom if necessary.

Brad and I laid the FLOR carpet squares in a parquet design, though you'll have to stop by to see the details in person (they didn't show well up in the pictures). We are now the proud owners of a carpenter's square and a carpet knife. We are becoming quite handy!

To-do list:

  • The bookshelves need some help. A few small plants and more books will make a huge difference.
  • I'd like to add two-inch white wooden blinds to the window eventually, as well as a valance or something.
  • This is not at all a priority unless this room ever becomes a bedroom, but I'd like to leave the window above the door unadorned, but come up with something to cover the window in the door to provide a bit of privacy.
  • Like all of the other rooms, we need art on the walls. We have lived here nearly two months and still have yet to hang one single piece. Now that I better understand how tiring painting can be, I hesitate to taint any freshly painted wall with a nail. I know how hard we worked to paint that wall!

A special conclusion to today's post: a funny story. When we first moved in, Brad (jokingly, I hope) lobbied for a Tennessee Vols orange room, but I had to put my foot down on that one. I told him that when he finally acquires his "man room" (e.g. if we ever finish the basement), I will be more than happy to pardon the football pictures from storage and to allow a bright orange accent wall or even an orange bathroom downstairs. Sorry to my VOLS readers. I just don't want that bright orange in the main part of the house. When they visited, Brad's parents, who bleed VOLS orange as much as Brad does, walked into this room with stars in their eyes and to my chagrin, delightedly exclaimed, "It's orange!!!"

I quickly replied, "It's RUST. NOT orange."

I mean, really. The color is closer to Texas orange than Tennessee orange, don't you think?


Susannah said...

The house is coming together!! And the yard is so quaint. What a nice space.

Good luck this weekend! Have a safe trip, enjoy Cali, and rock that race! We'll be thinking about you.

Katie said...

The room looks great, so clean and neat. The RUST and white with the black desk is very elegant.