Monday, May 25, 2009

it may be small, but it's ours...

At long last, Brad and I finally have a (tiny) yard! And I am having a blast. I spend time checking the plants' growth, pulling weeds, and scaring away critters before and after work each day and on most weekends. It's more work than I expected it to be. So until I get the hang of things, I'm thankful that the yard is small. Below you will find some pictures, as well as my never-ending to-do list.

This is the view from our back door. My pitiful Gerber daisies are in the planter on the right. Thank goodness the petunias in the other planters seem to be doing much better!

The former owners of our house left us this nifty storage unit. I keep my gardening gloves and small tools in it. Brad finally got a real grill! You can see its cover in the lower-left corner of the picture. We are looking for a small table and chairs for the deck.

Here is the view of the yard when standing at the railing of the deck. We were pleased that the former owners planted the two Japanese maple trees in the back. We need to trim them so that we can exit through our back gate without touching them. My herb garden is the large box in the back right of the picture. The smaller box in the front right of the picture contains my tomato and pepper plants and chives. I've (mostly) cleared the weeds from the bed on the left, and I'm in the process of deciding what to put there. I need to do my research on hydrangea and peony bushes to see if that area will provide adequate space and conditions for growth. I'd like to plant additional flowering vines to climb the trellis. We have bamboo growing to the right of our steps (right-hand side of the picture) that needs to be trimmed.

Here is a closer picture of my tomato, pepper, and (blooming) chive plants. Despite constant uprooting from the squirrels, the tomato and pepper plants seem to be growing. But I just noticed today that they are infected with little insects, so that means yet another trip to Frager's to ask a zillion questions about pest control.

Take a closer look at my herb garden. While it doesn't look like much to you right now (except for the bushy oregano, which came up on its own), all nine herbs that I planted have sprouted. But because of the squirrels' shenanigans, they are rather mixed together. But that's okay because I can tell the difference between all of them by look and by scent. My biggest dilemma with the herb garden is that I find it hard to wait for all of the herbs to grow and spread. I planted the herbs from seeds because I wanted to harvest more than what one or two plants would provide, and it was also cheaper to plant from seeds. But this exercise tests my patience, which is probably good for me. I check their progress every single morning and evening. I can't wait to harvest my first batch of herbs for a delicious home-cooked meal!

Finally, here is a view of the back of our house. The former owners left the hanging lanterns. I'm thinking about replacing them with hanging flowers or ferns, at least during the summer. We haven't done a thing with our second-floor deck yet, but I envision bursts of color and cascading flowers at some point. We also plan to tear out the landscaping right below our main deck and redo it with something a little less wild looking.

The backyard to-do list (this is really more for my benefit than yours):
  • Trim the bamboo and Japanese maple trees
  • Buy table and chairs for the deck
  • Redo the landscaping below the deck
  • Research and implement pest control techniques for the tomatoes and peppers
  • Research space and growing requirements for hydrangea and peony bushes (and possibly roses, lilacs, and others!)
  • Beautify the second-floor deck
  • Plant additional flowering vines to climb the trellises
  • Decide whether or not to replace the lanters with flowers or ferns


KtownP said...

It's gorgeous! I have a small table with four chairs you may be interested in. I'll see if I can take a pic and send it to you.

Katie said...

It's fantastic, wonderful! Makes me jealous!