Saturday, May 16, 2009

day of freedom

How I love the tapering phase of marathon training! Brad and I have had the most enjoyable Saturday today, mostly because it did not involve either one of us running around Hains Point, across the 14th Street Bridge, up Lee Highway (yuck), through Georgetown, or down the National Mall. We lived like normal people today, for the first time in months. Here's a recap of our day thus far:
  • Instead of rising at 5 a.m., we slept until after 8 a.m.! We can't remember the last time that we slept so late.
  • We visited the farmer's market held in the parking lot right behind our house. We left our yard through our back gate and we were there instantly. So easy. And we came away with two types of yummy cheese.
  • We walked to Peabody School on Stanton Park to pick up our bibs and timing bands for tomorrow's race.
  • Breakfast at Eastern Market called our names and then we visited some of our favorite vendors and came away with dessert, raspberries, strawberries, sorbet, and some decorating ideas for our house.
  • On our walk home, we stopped at our library and delighted in their semi-annual used book sale! We came away with ten classics, one novel, and one nonfiction book, all for a mere $10, to fill our bookshelves and reading lists.
  • Brad then mowed the yard while I went to Michael's to choose a mat and frame for a large watercolor that I acquired in Florence (more on this later) that I plan to hang in our bedroom. Thanks to my Michael's rewards card, my $390 custom framing job only cost me $159.64. How I love a bargain!
The best part is that we enjoyed all of these outings without sore legs, aching backs, and feelings of utter exhaustion. We're now preparing to make BBQ ribs, corn on the cob, and salad for dinner and just relax tonight. I know that I'll feel a little sad once the marathon is over (Brad claims that he won't!), but days like this truly make me long for the finish line. Literally and figuratively.

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Smiling Mama said...

Sounds like a perfect day!! We'll have to check out that market in your backyard!