Thursday, April 9, 2009

two marines and a truck

Thanks to a recent Daily Candy post, I found a phenomenal moving company. Located in Northern Virginia, Two Marines and a Truck is just what it advertises: retired marines who will help you move.

We had a wonderful move with this company. Three strong men (two who just got out of the Marines) showed up with a moving truck 20 minutes early on Monday morning and got to work right away. Here are a few of the many reasons why I would highly recommend them:
  1. They arrived early. I often hear so many people complain that movers are usually late. Not in this case.
  2. They started working immediately and worked hard the entire time. We never witnessed any of the men playing around or purposely taking longer than necessary.
  3. All three of them communicated with us well and kept us constantly apprised of the time line.
  4. The company did not charge for travel time to our apartment or in between our apartment and our house. We also were not charged for any breaks that the men took, including a lunch break. Most other companies that I called charged for travel time.
  5. It took slightly over five hours for the move, but they only charged us for five hours. I think that most other companies would have rounded up instead of down.
  6. This quote was the cheapest I obtained, by at least $200. (I called four companies for quotes.)
  7. They managed to get our couch out of our apartment with few problems.
  8. Two of the men have served in Iraq twice, and they told us about their experiences there and in the military. They were so friendly and fun to work with! Brad and I were thrilled to support these soldiers while they transition to the next step in their careers.
If you know anyone moving, please spread the word!

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Smiling Mama said...

Sounds like you found real gem!!