Monday, April 13, 2009

the saga continues...

... with DIRECTV, that is.

I'm convinced that Brad is not meant to watch TV in our new house. In my opinion, it's worked out fine thus far because he's had no distractions from painting and unpacking and has been very productive. But his patience (and mine... and I don't even watch TV!) is quickly wearing thin with this company. As of my last update, we had experienced an incompetent technician with no ladder on Monday of last week and that same technician failed to show up last Wednesday, which meant two days off of work that resulted in no progress with our cable installation. Brad spent over two hours on Thursday on the phone with DIRECTV, and after threatening to cancel our service, was oh-so-gently (ha!) reminded that we committed to a two-year contract when we switched to the high definition package a little over one year ago.

Late Friday afternoon, a different technician showed up, but thought that it was a normal service call and not an installation, so he didn't have the proper equipment and couldn't do anything. It rained all day on Saturday, so no one could come out and by the time the bad weather passed, all of the technicians were too busy with other orders. Brad's cell phone rang at 8 a.m. on Sunday morning and a DIFFERENT technician (keep in mind, our third thus far) said that he was on his way (Really? On Easter Sunday?). After about an hour of no evident progress, we asked the technician if he could come back later in the afternoon so that we could leave for church. He promised to come back after 3:30 p.m. By 7 p.m., no one had showed up and it was getting dark. After many frustrating conversations with supervisors, a FOURTH technician showed up at 7:30 p.m. and began working. Luckily, he wore a hat with a light so that he see when he climbed up to our roof, but he forgot the cable for the high definition feature and he needs to fix a few other things that don't work. Supposedly he will return tonight after work. I'll believe it when I see it.

DIRECTV hires local contractors to perform the actual service calls, so each entity places the blame for the miscommunication and general incompetence on the other group. Brad has spoken to so many supervisors that we'll now enjoy $21/month off of our service for the next year. But the moral of the story is:

Do not use DIRECTV.

The irony to this story is that I originally posted the first entry about this issue last Thursday hoping that DIRECTV conducted daily Internet scans and that my post would solicit some sympathy, and more importantly, some ACTION. Want to know what I received instead?

A spam email from DIRECTV soliciting new customers and advertising great deals.

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kerryandtorey said...

Ugh! They are as bad as Comcast. Glad you have a low bill for a year.