Thursday, April 2, 2009

overly optimistic

When I posted my painting plan this morning, I now know that all of you experienced painters chuckled at my naivete. Could you tell that I'd never really painted before? I had NO idea how long it would take!

Brad and I managed to prime the living room and the kitchen, and then paint one coat in the living room. I hope that tomorrow evening/night, we'll finish the living room and paint the first coat in the kitchen. We had to hold off on the half bathroom as our floors upstairs are still drying, and we can't use the upstairs bathroom until they are finished, so we need the half bathroom to be accessible and usable. It's okay, though. We had no time for the half bath anyway.

Our two-hour visit to the DC DMV this afternoon didn't help at all. We expected the DMV to be less crowded if we went during the middle of the work day, and even though the crowd seemed manageable when we arrived, it still took them TWO HOURS to print out a new driver's license for each of us that listed our new address (even without a new picture!). It was ridiculous. DC government at its finest. And I am a proud resident.

On another note, happy 200th post!!

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Katie said...

You are doing great! I can't believe all you have accomplished! Congrats on surviving the DMV with a will to live and the energy to go on painting!