Tuesday, April 14, 2009

longing for the finish line

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: moving and marathon training don't mix.

The last two weeks have been awful as in terms of running. Ever since we got the keys to the house on March 29th, we've immersed ourselves in painting, cleaning, moving, and shopping for the essentials. I'm one of those people who unpacks immediately after returning home from a trip simply because I like all of my belongings in their proper places and I hate living out of suitcases or boxes. So I'm always a little manic about unpacking after I move. Every time I moved in college, I was usually completely unpacked and had pictures hanging on the walls within 24 hours.

After spending ALL of the first weekend in April painting the living room and kitchen, we dreaded running the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler on April 5th because we had blown off running all week. But I'm so glad that we did it! The weather was beautiful, blossoms abounded, and my friend Renee and I kept a great pace. I ran the race in 1:32:13 (9:13/mile pace), my personal best for this particular race. I credit the 10, 12, 14, and 17 mile runs that I had completed in the last six weeks for building my stamina, especially with little sleep and feeling somewhat high on paint fumes.

But this past weekend, I was supposed to run the dreaded 20 miles, and I did something that I've never done before for a long run: I blew it off.

Of course, I expressed a million excuses. Brad is experiencing knee problems, and there was no way that he could run that far. It was raining steadily. And it was a cold rain, not the warm summer rain that I love. Boxes were about to take over the house. The third bedroom longed for paint. I hadn't run all week. All in all, I did not feel physically or mentally prepared. Had I have gone anyway, I am 100% certain that it would not have gone well. But I still can't believe that I bailed on a long run!

So this means that I need to rework my training schedule and find another Saturday that I can devote to the preparation, task, and recovery associated with 20-mile runs. Good luck!


Katie said...

You are a terrible person and you should be ashamed of yourself! But really, you'll get back in sync soon. Sometimes you just can't do it all, it's OK!

Smiling Mama said...

Good luck!! Perhaps the San Diego marathon won't be your fastest one but I'm sure you'll still enjoy it because of the beautiful setting!!

Susannah said...

Thank goodness. You are human. :)You're also a more flexible runner, not undedicated or out of shape. I'm extremely impressed this is the first run you've ever had to "reschedule." It will all come together. PS - I had pictures up on our wall after 24 hours too. And that definitely would have outweighed my determination to run, even without the other factors that you cited!