Monday, April 6, 2009


Today, Brad and I say goodbye to our beloved two bedroom, two bathroom, top floor apartment with a rooftop deck, only five houses from the corner of Lincoln Park. We're overjoyed to finally buy a home on Capitol Hill, a longtime dream for us. But we know that we will miss this place. It has treated us so well, and as a result, we stayed here longer than we ever thought we would.

We'll certainly miss the location, deck, skylights, and inexpensive, static rent. But our attachment to this place runs much deeper than amenities. The memories from our first six years and ten months of marriage while living in this apartment will live in our hearts forever. We began our life as a married couple in this apartment. We learned how to reside peacefully together in a very small space. We have spent the last six years and ten months never more than 25 feet from each other when we're both home! What on earth will we do with different levels in the new house? (I'm sure that we'll adjust quickly.)

We laughed here. We loved here. We cried here. But most importantly, we spent thousands of hours just here. Together. I was with Brad when he found the apartment nearly nine years ago. And I moved in when we married two years later and this lovely place became mine too. Neither of us have lived at one location this long, except for our parents' houses. To say that we've become a little attached to it is an understatement.

We're moving less than one mile away, and we'll be back often, as we still plan to run around Lincoln Park in the mornings to see our park walker friends. I know that as I run by each morning, I'll gaze up at our apartment windows and hope that the new residents take delight in the apartment as we did and that they are as happy there as we were.


Smiling Mama said...

We have such fond memories of our former Captiol Hill Apartments, too. I've always wanted to do something special in our home to remember them...maybe you could frame this picture or something!

Katie said...

I agree with Aimee, that is such a nice pic of the old place you should have it up somewhere in the new. Take care moving! I can't wait to see it!!

Susannah said...

Paying homage to your home. Sweet. The house will miss you too, no doubt. It certainly is a gem.