Tuesday, April 21, 2009

connected to the real world again

I have a bad habit of writing entries about the status of certain projects or efforts, and then failing to communicate any and all resolutions. My most exciting news today is that we finally have TV and Internet at the house. After two visits on Monday evening of last week, our fourth DIRECTV rep finally set everything up correctly. For those who were keeping track, it took four different service reps, eight scheduled visits (seven appointments where the rep showed up eventually, only one complete no show), two full days off of work to wait for reps during our "time window", and myriad hours spent on the phone with supervisors recounting our woes. We will enjoy the $20+ off of our bill each month for the next year. We've earned it.

Thanks to Brad and his dad, we now have our new desk and chair set up in the office, which means that we finally connected to the Internet this past weekend! I still can't access my work server from the new house, but hey, maybe that's a hint that I should stop trying to mark work-related tasks from my to-do list while I'm at home.

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