Friday, April 17, 2009

art challenged

Today marks the 12th day in our new house and Brad and I continue to stare at bare walls, which violates my previous 24-hour rule regarding picture hanging.

Part of my problem is that I feel like every single piece of "art" that we had in our old place is so, I don't know, so juvenile. I loved the pieces when I chose them as a young and single 20-something living in Chicago. After I finished college and started my first job, I proudly purchased a few nicely framed prints to "graduate" from the taped-to-the-wall posters that defined my childhood. And even my meager collection trumped Brad's art, should you dare to call it that, which basically consisted of a shrine to Vols football. I immediately displaced said shrine from above our bed and the fireplace when I became Brad's wife. I said, "I do" to him, but "I don't" to the football pictures above the bed, especially the one in the bright orange frame. Every girl has her limits!

So back to my quandary. I'm not that young and single 20-something any longer. I've outgrown my prints. Brad and I would like to purchase some pieces for our new home. But what is our taste? Where do we look, especially on a budget? And when do we have time to develop and define our preferences? Dear readers, any suggestions?

I do have a few ideas. I'd like to get an oil painting made of our old place, and one of our new house. I plan to enlarge and frame a few of our better photos from our Europe trip. Courtesy of Daily Candy and Etsy today, I discovered a wonderful local artist who produces a cool "city love" line of prints that boast cute scenes from some of our favorite cities. But I have much wall space to fill, especially in the living room.

I'm trying to counter my urge to be settled quickly (meaning: pictures on the walls) with some deep and critical thought about our tastes and how they may change over the years. I can't afford to go through this every decade.


Smiling Mama said...

My advice is to put things up that you love. you will slowly fill the walls and some blank spots for a bit will be fine.

Amy Hill said...

We have bought some original art on our travels here and there - like an oil painting done by a street artist in Paris or things like that. Then I frame them myself. We've found it pretty inexpensive to buy frames and materials at for this purpose.

Can't wait to see pics of your new place!

Rachel said...

Eastern Market might be able to fulfill your DC wants, maybe even one of their artists can do the oil paintings of your old and new places?! We just passed a guy last night on the corner of our block doing an oil painting of the street corner.

Organized Living by Amy said...

I definitely recommend using Italy and DC photographs. Ryan's dad paints and has painted several homes- including my parents' house. He uses acrylic paints, not oil. All he needs is a photo and he just recreates it. Email me if you're interested or want to chat more.

Katie said...

I agree, don't rush. And actually you may find you like some of your blank walls. I put up something in my dining room and I'm still debating whether I just prefer it blank/clean/simple.