Monday, March 16, 2009

when running and moving don't mix

I take full responsibility for talking Brad into running another marathon. Although he always appreciates these races much more after they are over, I definitely enjoy the training and anticipation more than he does. When we signed up in late January to run the San Diego marathon in May, we had no idea that our house would make itself known to us, and that on top of marathon training, we'd be packing, shopping, and preparing for home ownership so quickly. Had we known that, we might have made a different choice about the marathon. But because we've already paid for our flights and race registration, and have begun to physically and mentally prepare for this race, I refuse to cancel the trip. So much to Brad's chagrin, we are trying our best to make it all work.

Let me give you an example of what our Saturdays have turned into, though. This past Saturday, we ran 17 miles. Although we started early, running 17 miles still takes substantial time, so the preparation, run, and temporary recovery (stretching, shower, eating) took basically the entire morning. Right after lunch, we hopped in the car and visited about six different furniture stores all over Northern Virginia in search of a dining room set (we also spent most of a day on this same task two weeks ago). Fortunately, our shopping efforts finally paid off, and we ordered our set on Saturday, but we arrived home at 8:30 p.m., exhausted and barely able to climb the steps to our apartment because our legs were so sore from the run.

We haven't packed one thing yet. And our moving to-do list is at least a mile long. Does thinking about our myriad tasks on my long runs count for anything?

And here I sit, at the start of my spring break and week off of work, blogging instead of packing. I fear that I am overly optimistic about all that I can accomplish in a week off.


Smiling Mama said...

If there is anyone who can get this all done, it is you, Dr. Blondie! But I'll admit that the schedule you e-mailed me last week exausted me just looking at it!!

Katie said...

Taking the time to think through your tasks is not wasted time. I think it makes you better prepared and more efficient in the long run. Don't worry, you will get it all done. Also, there are going to be awful moments, unexpected problems and long days - no matter what you do. Just keep dreaming about that day after you are moved in, when you are sitting down and will get to that moment eventually and it will all be worth it.