Sunday, March 29, 2009

think pink

During my run on Friday morning before work, I noticed that the cherry blossoms are almost ready. It won't be long now, dear readers. The blossom watch feature on the National Cherry Blossom Festival's web site predicts peak bloom to occur from April 1-4, 2009, which would conveniently provide beautiful scenery for next weekend's race. If the blooms peak as predicted, I will be four for four as in terms of seeing blossoms on race day, which is pretty good considering that these blooms are so fickle!

If you live in the DC area, please get out and enjoy the blossoms! I know that tourists take over our beautiful city. Parking and traffic are wretched. It will take you an hour to walk around the Tidal Basin (when it should only take 15 minutes) because you have to dodge all of the strollers and people with cameras. But I promise that seeing DC all pinked out is worth the hassle. As frustrated as I feel en route to the Tidal Basin, that first glimpse of the cherry trees in all of their glory always brings tears to my eyes. I love living here. And I would not miss cherry blossom season for anything.

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