Tuesday, March 17, 2009

paint perplexities

To say that neither Brad nor I are at all handy is an understatement. All of the tools that we own basically fit into one shoe box. My parents gave Brad a drill for Christmas a few years ago, but I don't think that he's ever used it. Moving into a house of our own where we'll actually have to fix things for ourselves will be a great adventure for both of us. I'm nervous, but also a little bit excited.

That being said, we're attempting to teach ourselves how to paint by relying on trusty old Google. But we could use your help. I welcome all advice, tips, and opinions related to painting in general as well as to the following questions:

1. Primer: Aye or nay?
2. Brand of paint: Is the cheapest brand at Home Depot sufficient or is it worth it to buy a name brand?
3. Type of paint: Flat? Eggshell? Satin? I'm confused!
4. Color: While I'm naturally attracted to vivid colors, they tend to make rooms look darker (which I want to avoid). Any colors that you thought would look great, but didn't? What paint colors do you love?
5. A poll: If you could paint your kitchen today, what color would you choose?
6. Any other advice on tools, paint, or techniques?

THANKS, Gentle Readers. Just to warn you, this post is the first of many solicitations to come.


kerryandtorey said...

1. if you are covering a dark color- definitely recommend the primer. if you are painting over a lighter color with a comparable light color or darker color- I don't think it is necessary.
2. we used Behr from home depot and have been really happy with it.
3. Flat or eggshell- in most rooms- the no shine factor makes wall imperfections less visible. We used semi-gloss in bath and kitchen because it is easier to clean.
4. I like brighter or darker colors too but have learned to pick the color I like on the strip and then go to the lighter one above it :-)
5. Our kitchen is currently 'villa italia' (terra cotta color) and I really like it. Also, a fan of yellow kitchens.
6. Tools for painting- definitely the blue tape, good brushes, rollers and lots of patience.

So excited to see your new place!

Katie said...

I'm right there with you as a long term renter I've never gotten to paint, so I will be interested to see the advice you get (one day, maybe I'll need it too!).

Kitchen color: GREEN!!! a bright fun Green!

Anonymous said...

- Definitely prime. It saves time, even though it doesn't seem like it.
- Definitely "splurge" for the more expensive 3M blue painters tape. So this implies that you should tape. Cheap tape can peel off in the middle of paiting, and when taking off the paint, cheap tape tends to rip. Go for the wider tape over the thin tape...it helps move things along so you don't have to slow down.
- USE drop clothes!
- Flat paint for ceiling. Eggshell for walls. If walls have a lot of bumps, etc. you can use flat, but it will be very dull looking. Don't use satin, defintiey not gloss.
- Cheap paint is fine. Especially if know exactly what colors you want or if plan on changing colors in three years or so. The down side to cheap paint is that you also get cheap service. Home Depot or Lowes could have someone on paints one day and plumbing the next, carpets the next day, you get the picture. I prefer Benjamin Moore paints. They are more expensive and they are typically sold in smaller paint stores where the workers know what they are talking about. You can ask them questions and get answers with authority on painting, brushes, etc. For instance, if painting your room yellow they could recommend white paints with yellows in them that better compliment your walls, as opposed to whites with greens or pinks. Can the big box stores do that? Perhaps, if you don't have thirty people behind you they might take the time to answer your questions.
- Paint a variant of gray, black, or green for the kitchen.
Good luck!

Smiling Mama said...

Oh my goodness do I have OPINIONS to share with you on this...

1) Definitely use a primer. It is cheaper than regular paint so why waste a coat of expensive paint? With darker paint colors, they will tint your primer to be a few shades lighter than the paint color and that will save you an extra 1-2 coats of paint. (Trust me dark colors take many, many coats!)

2) I can't remember you questions so am just numbering my thoughts for your convenience. Also, I like lists.

3) Go do Fragers for everything. They are SO SO helpful, have great tools and we love their Benjamin Moore paint. You can ask them every question you have and they will be better than google. Yes, BM is a little more expensive. But, hopefully you will not be repainting for a long, long time.

4) Those high ceilings can handle dark colors. Don't worry about making your rooms look smaller. Also, the crown moulding will help balance out a dark color.

5) Eggshell for the walls, flat for ceilings.

6) Use good tape. Don't remove it too early.

7) Use lots of drop clothes. Paint is hard to get out of your beautiful hard wood floors. (We have many if you want to borrow. Mostly just old sheets.)

8) I love yellow or green in kitchens. But, I also really like white.

9) It will take longer than you think. Really, it will. Start with your highest priority rooms.

10) Before painting an entire room, paint a block of color on 1-2walls to make sure you really like it in the sunlight, evening, etc. Wasting $$ on a can of paint is better than wasting $$ and the time you spent painting a room if you hate it when it is actually on the wall (and you can always use that can to paint your laundry room or some room you don't care as much about later).



Jennifer said...

We've been painting a lot lately (and aren't done yet). We've used the Behr paints from Home Depot and have been mostly pleased. We did have a bad experience with a darker "accent" color that was like mud. We didn't prime, but the walls here were all white. I think we used eggshell for living/dining rooms and semi-gloss in the bathrooms. Flat looks, well, flat, but is good at hiding imperfections in the walls. We still have the kitchen to go, and I'd love to go crazy with citrus colors, but I think we'll settle for something more neutral! Good luck! It's tough to decide on colors and get started, but once you start getting it on the walls, it is very exciting.

Lisa Tucker said...

Remember--Paint is not permanent. My mom and I painted her living room on a Friday. We tried to convince ourselves that we liked the color all day on Saturday. And on Sunday we repainted with a color that she loves. It was kind of a pain to repaint--but worth it in the end.

SD Dad said...

I am a fan of using primer and good quality paint...along with lots of blue tape...For interiors I use flat or eggshell for walls and gloss for trim...Satin/semi-gloss is great for kitchens and baths...easy to wipe down...good luck with your life of painting, moving and running...